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MAY 2024: Rat and mice infestations inside are common at the moment. Lots of calls regarding Gisborne cockroaches coming inside. White footed house ants are on the move.

Rodents and insect populations are known to constantly fluctuate within the environment, and their resistance to the most advanced products and methods can pose significant problems. To keep these pest populations under control, it is crucial to chose the right type of pest treatment.

At Nature's Way, we specialise in using ecological-based management strategies that disrupt the life cycles of pest species by understanding their biology, habitat, and behaviour. Our team of experts has a background in ecological entomology and stays up-to-date with the latest scientific information.

We firmly believe that environmentally friendly prevention methods and monitoring programmes, combined with a range of safe treatments, can effectively reduce or control most pest problems. Our services include ant, borer, fly, rodent, spider, and wasp control, as well as any other pest management needs you may have. We are committed to providing quality and affordable solutions and offer free quotes.

We take pride in leaving the most delicate footprint on the environment while removing and controlling pests in your domestic or commercial residences. For a safe, reliable, and effective pest control solution, please contact us at Nature's Way Pest Control by phone or text to 022 4580 765.