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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the hitchhikers of the bug world. Facilities most at risk of bed bug infestations include motels and apartments and regardless whether its a 3 star or a 5 star hotel, bed bugs don’t care. 

Bed bugs are small and agile insects. They escape detection by crawling into suitcases and backpacks and hiding amongst clothing. Sometimes they may be transferred when purchasing ‘bed bug infected furniture’ and other such items. Regardless of their method of transportation, bed bugs are very transient insects.

Life cycle of bed bugs

Once bed bugs begin to populate an area, infestations increase at an alarming rate and this makes them one of the most difficult insects to eradicate. There are a number of environmentally friendly treatments that include steaming, heat, freezing, dusts, isolation covers and monitoring products. Each method has drawbacks and there exists no ‘silver bullet’ for any one treatment. Even the residual insecticidal active ingredients can’t guarantee eradication because there is a high likelihood that bed bugs will quickly develop resistance to these products. In fact, expecting to totally eliminate a bad infestation can be unrealistic. 

At Nature’s Way we believe that creating a bed bug unfriendly environment is the only way to effectively combat them. If you're in the motel business our strategies will focus on staff education, empowering staff with the necessary knowledge that includes preventative methods to reduce bed bug populations. Staff must be capable of identifying bed bugs, of understanding life cycles, and behaviours. Being proactive in reducing opportunities for spread within facilities makes it possible to deal with populations of bed bugs. As such staff must be competent in surveillance, control, and prevention methods. Finally tracking of populations must be completed, making accuracy in documentation essential. Our education packages will take staff through these steps. 

Our methods follow the practices and procedures as outlined in the Bed Bug Code of Practice (2014), with a focus on offering case-by-case recommendations. We will take you through a step-by-step process and offer preparation and after-care tips to ensure an effective management plan. If you think you have a bed bug problem contact Nature’s Way for an immediate consultation.