Nature’s Way Pest Control and Property Maintenance Services is located in Levin. We are one of the best preferred pest control companies in Levin, but we also service towns to the south like, Pukerua Bay, Raumati, Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Peka Peka, Otaki, Te Horo, and to the north, Shannon, Foxton, Himatangi Beach, and Palmerston North.

As director and the front man of Nature’s Way Pest Control and Property Maintenance Services, I have a Master of Science degree in Ecology as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in arboriculture and amenity horticulture. I am a holder of an an Urban Pest Management Certificate and have over 20 years' experience in entomological based research science. I have developed an extensive knowledge base in urban pest research, with a focus on sustainable pest control methods. 

As a qualified entomologist and a holder of a current Approved Handler License,  (Hazardous Substances & New Organisms Act 2001) I understand that your safety is paramount and all care is undertaken to ensure environmentally safe practices are implemented. To ensure practices are current and in accordance with best practice guidelines, I am a full member of the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ) and I work in partnership with other New Zealand pest authorities such as PESTNETWORK. Nature's Way is fully insured company with comprehensive public liability cover. We offer a friendly, reliable, and honest service that strives to give you, (the customer) the benefit of my expertise in this field. We don't just administer traditional pest control, but seek to find safe solutions to the many pest issues. 

What we do:

Nature’s Way uses several stages of pest eradication. 

Rather than implementing traditional pest control practices where sprays, baits and powders are used we will always try to use methods that are both sustainable and benign to achieve a safe, low impact solution to your pest issues. 

Our first priority is to find out why the pest is there. It’s no good undertaking pest control methods if they are going to come back. By considering the pest’s natural environment and surroundings we can offer suggestions as to how their habitat can be disrupted so that they won't want to stay around. Often there may not be a need for any further interventions at this stage. 

As part of the process there is a need to develop channels of communication, we need to know that you understand what we are doing and why. More often the initial client contract is one where the pest needs to be eliminated, and fast. You want it gone. We fully understand that. We will use innovative and accredited products designed specifically to target the pest in question and will implement multiple modes of action to target pest complexities. After this it’s our job to ensure pests don't come back. We are here to help you, contact us at Nature's Way.