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Your home is your castle and at Natures’ Way we are committed to treating your property with the highest level of care and service. Whilst causing minimal disruption to your routines, our domestic and residential services are designed with you and your family’s safety in mind. Our products and our practices are fashioned to ensure no adverse effects to you and your family. 

Approaching your pest problem we can include one or all of the following methods for control: 

  • Interior Pest Protection Treatment. Like all living beings, pests need a comfortable shelter in which to thrive. Whilst ridding your home of unwanted pests is a priority, we also devise solutions to ensure unwanted pests do not return.
  • Perimeter Treatment: These are areas that are immediately outside of the home. Small cracks and improperly sealed windows; doors, pipes, roofing etc. All provide easy access to the interior of your home. We can seal these up or install other forms of barrier protection, which stops the pest getting in – this is where our Property Maintenance services often kick in. 
  • Exterior Pest Protection: A scan of the external environment points to the pest's natural habitat where they have originated and where pests are hiding. Changing the external environment is the first step in eradicating your pest problem so we start with an environmental scan of your home's exterior. 

Finally we can provide you with the necessary information on any procedures and products we will be using on your home. We will give you adequate notice prior to action, plus an expected outcome, answer any queries you may have on our services and what they entail – we’re happy to answer any queries. We carry comprehensive public liability insurance, so for peace of mind, and a cost effective service for long-term control of your pest problems contact us at Nature’s Way. 

PS: If you have a over 65 GOLD card Nature’s Way is happy to offer a discounted rate.