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Nature’s Way is a 1 – 1 personal service. Our commitment is that Nature’s Way is always at the cutting edge of research and development for any commercial industry.

Pest problems within the workplace can not only affect your staff, customers and stock but can also prove detrimental to your company’s reputation. We have commercial and industrial solutions to meet the challenge of pest control in any business segment. Those in a food industry must ensure they and their pest control service providers apply solutions that are effective. Our commitment to you is to minimise your concerns and protect your products. Any activities associated with Nature’s Way will complement your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system. We are a full registered member of the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (ID No 201642) and carry full comprehensive liability insurance. 

We offer: 

  • A price competitive pest management plan to all industries. We cover businesses such as hospitals and medical centres, rest homes and retirement villages (see Masonic Village - Foxton), government agencies, storage units (see Supreme Lockups - Levin), restaurants and food outlets, schools (see - Little Earth Montessori - Paraparaumu) , recycling depots and many more.
  • Compliance with zoned treatment application areas as set out by New Zealand Food Safety Authority to met World Health Organisations, Ministry of Primary Industry and other regulatory guidelines. 
  • Guaranteed minimal disruption to your business and its day-to-day operations.
  • A customised treatment plan that involves a thorough inspection of your property inside and out.
  • A comprehensive pest management report that includes current and future control strategies, maps showing location of bait/trap, a scheduled checking and maintenance plan for bait and trap stations, and a summary of results of pest numbers found, and levels of bait and trap usage.
  • All information on the procedures and products used within your workplace. Safety data sheets (SDS) will be made available.
  • Staff education or training in all areas of pest control that include how to report, monitor and prevent pest problems.
  • Prior notice of any action plus an explanation of expected outcomes.
  • To answer any queries you may have.

Nature’s Way is a fully certified urban pest management company that will comply with Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act and Health and Safety in Employment legislation, and holders of a current Approved Handlers Certificate. For all commercial work contact us at Nature's Way.